USJBC welcomes Dr. Vivek Lall onto Board of Directors

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US Japan Business Council (USJBC) has announced the joining of US based Indian-American, Dr Vivek Lall,  on its Board of Directors.

Dr Lall is the Chief Executive of General Atomics Global Corporation based at their headquarters in San Diego, California. General Atomics is one of the world’s largest privately held nuclear and defense companies.

Since Dr Lall was inducted, in October 2020, into the Global Board of Directors of the US –India Business Council (USIBC), his joining the USJBC  will bridge the gap for the three-way US-India-Japan business relations. Read about Dr Lall joining  USIBC

Dr Lall was unanimously voted onto the board of the USJBC. In the past he has  played a decisive role in some of the major defence deals between India and the US.  Since 2008, the sales of US military equipment to India have touched $ 20 billion. The new global order means India, US and Japan will be working closely on several issues including  free-trade, technology and strategic partnership.

Members of the U.S.-Japan Business Council and the Japan-U.S. Business Council had their 57th Annual U.S.-Japan Business Conference virtually on October 26-27 and October 27-28, 2020. The conference drew out a roadmap  on what is to be done for trade in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read details here 

Dr Lall’s experience is rich

In May 2018, Dr Lall was appointed by the United States Government in a key advisory role for a two-year term to the US Cabinet Secretary heading Department of Transportation (encompassing entities like the Federal Aviation Administration) in Washington DC which affects US and global aviation policies and technologies.

In January 2018, Dr Lall was appointed as Vice President of Aeronautics Strategy and Business Development at Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest defense company. In August 2014 he was appointed Chief Executive in charge of U.S. and International Strategic Development at General Atomics.

From 1996-2011, Dr Lall held numerous marketing and engineering leadership roles with The Boeing Company in Seattle including the airplane performance and propulsion group. He was appointed as Vice President and India Country Head, Boeing Defense Space & Security in May 2007.

Dr Lall worked as an adjunct faculty member at Embry- Riddle, McConnell Air Force Base. He also served as the founding Co-Chair of the US – India Aviation Cooperation Program launched by Norman Mineta in 2005. Prior to Boeing he worked for Raytheon and conducted research with NASA Ames Research Center in various multidisciplinary engineering fields.

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