Roadmap for Made in India Ka-226T helicopters signed

Def-Expo 2020

IDD Bureau

India and Russia have signed a roadmap to localize production of the Ka-226T helicopter in India. The deal was signed on Feb 6 at the DefExpo2020 in Lucknow, capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. 

The first batch of Made in India Kamov 226T military helicopters to be manufactured under the joint venture is expected to be rolled out by 2025 in keeping with the roadmap that defines the main stages and terms for organizing production of the helicopter and its units in India with respect to the date when the corresponding contract will be signed.

IDD was the first to report this . (Read it here)

The roadmap for localization of Ka-226T helicopter production in India was signed between Russian Helicopters Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation which is one of the largest industrial companies in Russia.) and Russian-Indian company Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited (IRHL). IRHL is a joint venture of Russian Helicopters, Rosoboronexport and the Indian corporation HAL. The company was registered in India in May 2017 as part of a project to localize the production of Ka-226T helicopters. 

The roadmap document reflects in particular timelines for setting up production in India, contracting with suppliers, transferring design documentation, supplying technological equipment and machine kits, training Indian personnel and other key stages of the project. Director General of Russian Helicopters holding company Andrei Boginsky said, “The roadmap signed today will be the basis for further development of the Ka-226T localization project in India after the signing of the contract.”

MN Shrinath (left) CEO IRHL signs the contract with Russian helicopters

The light utility helicopter Ka-226T has a coaxial twin-rotor system, its maximum takeoff weight is 3.6 t, and it is able to transport up to 1 t of payload. Coaxial rotors give advantage in lift and payload capacity over conventional choppers which becomes especially advantageous in high-altitude environments. A transport cabin is installed on the helicopter, designed to transport up to 6 people or modules with special equipment.

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