Indian Public sector companies have orders of $ 33 Billion

IDD Bureau

Key to India’s defence manufacturing abilities  are its nine public sector companies which now collectively have orders of US $ 33.1 Billion to make equipment like warships, planes, helicopters, tanks, cockpit displays and missiles, among other items.

The Ministry of Defence owns these companies which ae otherwise run and operated like corporate entities complete with Chairman and board that takes decisions.

Each of these companies is classified as Defence Public Sector Undertaking (DPSU) – The PSU being the defining word as it denotes state ownership.

The ‘order book’ volume of Defence PSUs was told in the Lok Sabha, the Lower house  of the India’s bi-cameral Parliament, on November 27 and the collective total worked out to be Rs 231,931 Crore which is US $ 33.1 billion.

Source Lok Sabha

“Preference being given to ‘Buy (Indian – Indigenously Designed, Developed and Manufactured)’ equipment under Capital Acquisition in Defence Procurement Procedure 2016,” said the Ministry while revealing how it was working to improve the order books of these companies.

The Parliament was  informed that modernization of production capacity and infrastructure are among the steps being taken to improve the order book position. The Government has laid emphasis on import substitution and indigenization, it is promoting exports, introduced new technologies, gone in for product diversification and  setting up of Joint ventures with foreign companies.

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