Space- a Two-pronged threat

Two-pronged threat to space assets needs to be countered With 42 operational satellites, India depends on space based assets hence protection from adversaries and also floating space junk is important. A damage can literally hamper military activity making Indian forces ‘blind’ while stopping several civilian applications. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has satellites for remote

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IAF has improved its BVR missile capabilities

In the past three decades or more the Indian Air Force has had the strategic advantage of better beyond visual range (BVR) missiles for its fighter jets. It has been using the Russian R-73 missiles fired from the MiG 29 and also the Sukhoi-30 MKI. In that era a missile like the R- 73, which

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Simulators hold the future

Artificial Intelligence

Indian Armed forces have  well-established training practices, however, these face challenges of keeping pace with new techniques, methodology and also the need for quick training. Simulation or Simulator based training is now in a big way in India, it provides a multi-million dollar opportunity for Indian companies, several of whom are already in the business.

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Despite Nuclear sub success, conventional sub still running behind schedule

India now has specialised submarime rescue system Even as the nuclear submarine, INS Arihant  has propelled India into an exclusive club, plans to build additional conventional submarines has slowed  down with no follow orders to the Kalvari class, the six Scorpenes being built at the Mazagon Docks Limited  (MDL). The strategic community, including the Indian

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BIO fuel the way forward IAF to show the way

F-16 fighter

Just few months from now, the Indian Air Force intends to showcase a new technology by flying a transport plane using a blend of bio-fuel and normal aviation turbine fuel (ATF). The plan is to fly AN-32 – a Soviet origin plane — over the Rajpath at the forthcoming Republic Day parade in January 2019.

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Drones that convert into missiles to change combat roles


Future wars will surely have an important element — loitering drones – which can be sent up to loiter and then the same drone converted itself into a missile to attack specified target as and when desired by ground-based controllers. With technologies improving ‘loitering drones, ’ also called loitering ammunitions are now the coveted weapons

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India’s ASAT can render enemy ‘deaf and blind’

India’s Anti-Satellite (ASAT) test conducted on March 27 provides the ability to render an enemy country ‘deaf and blind’ by targetting military and surveillance satellites. A missile fired by the DRDO hit the targeted defunct Indian satellite which was moving at more than 10.000 kms per hour at low earth orbit – some 350 kms

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UAV’s changing battle space

Changes in technology to look at the enemy or incoming threats  by using a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  is altering the battle space. UAV’s have diverse roles, they can carry weapons, do surveillance, guide missiles, send live video feed  and even act as transit communication point between two units. Over the next

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Satelittes, new data links etc make network centric capability robust

In the past decade or so, Indian Armed forces   have been moving toward a network centric warfare ability. This includes dedicated satellites, special optic fibre network allowing real time communication – videos and images  for troops on ground; for pilots of  planes and copters in the air and for captains of ships, and submarines  out

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Helicopter production to dominate Indian military aviation market.

IAF Helicopter Rescue

Fighter jets second production line A strong ‘make in India’ pitch will form the future of military aviation in India over the next two decades.  Helicopters will drive the market as the Indian armed forces – the Army, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Navy – along with the coast guard need some 1000 copters.

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